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by Mariam Z. on Body Laser & Skin Clinic
My Experience W/ Body Laser Center

I really loved my experience at Body Laser Center. I have just finished my last appointment and I love never having to shave again! I noticed a difference after the very first appointment. I would definitely recommend Body Laser Center to anyone interested in laser hair removal!

by Mike Kalai on Body Laser & Skin Clinic
Laser Hair Removal at Body Laser Center

This was my first time trying laser hair removal. I did my underarms at first at Body Laser Center and I must say I am very happy with the results. Now that I'm doing my back, after 4 times the hair is almost gone and I did have very thick hair since I'm from the middle east. I know everyone's body has different reactions to laser but I am very happy with the end result. It did hurt for the first time but after every time that my hair was thinner and thinner the pain was less and less. Will go back for other parts of my body for sure.

Body Laser Center

I received a gift for laser hair removal at Body Laser Center and am incredibly pleased with the results. The whole office is professional, clean, timely and competent. At the first meeting, Mona explained all the options, pros and cons, and the process first. The procedure, how is tolerable and fast. Mona is very detail-oriented and makes sure the hair removal is done completely. I?m impressed with how effective the process is. Thank you!

by Nazarien Seeker on Body Laser & Skin Clinic
Laser Hair Removal

Having never done this before as I was skeptical about laser hair removal, but I now love going for my laser. I?ve done my underarms and half leg and just after two treatments on both started seeing a big difference - little to no hair. I highly recommend Body Laser Center.

by I. Grodecki on Body Laser & Skin Clinic
Love Body Laser Center

I love how my skin feels after having laser hair removal. No more cuts or painful waxing for me. I can go to the pool any time of the day, without worrying about shaving. My shaver is put to rest. Body Laser Center has been most accommodating and Mona is the best tech around. She is patient and understanding. I highly recommend Body Laser Center.

by K. Jacobs on Body Laser & Skin Clinic

Over the years, I?ve tried many methods and many companies to try to deal with unwanted hair. What I?ve learned first and foremost is that the person you work with is first and foremost the most important part of the process. I?ve followed Mona from the DC office out to Tyson?s because I realize there is no better technician out there. I trust her inherently and look forward to our sessions.

Laser Hair Removal w/ Body Laser Center has been wonderful experience. After each treatment, I?ve seen a reduction in hair growth and thickness. The process is fairly painless and quick.


Mona from BodyLaserCenter is very professional and responsive. She is always concerned about the safety of the treatment, which is critical when doing laser hair removal. In addition, the office is always kept clean. Finally, the results are amazing. I have had five treatments on my entire leg and underarms and I am just about hair free now! I strongly recommend BodyLaserCenter for laser hair removal.

With a background of Italian, my hair growth was very thick and dark, but thanks to Body Laser Center and also thanks to Meena after having 6 sessions on my legs and bikini. My hair is gone 90%.

Body Laser Center is the best trustable place to get your laser treatments with Meena. I am very happy and satisfy with my results and now with the summer around the corner, no more shaving for me.

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